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Front Page

New Hildon Foundation Board member Jim Jaglieski's letter of introduction

Via: @GeneralAntilles

Editor: Ryan Abel

In last week's issue, we covered Tim Samoff's resignation from the Hildon Foundation Board and the appointment of Craig Woodward and Jim Jaglieski as replacements for Tim and Ivan Galvez Junquera's vacated seats. Craig should be known to the community, as he served on the Maemo Community Council and was one of the primary architects of the Hildon Foundation by-laws, but Jim is new to the Maemo community. To help introduce himself, he posted a letter to Talk: First of all, a bit about me. I've been hacking and developing FOSS for several decades, making me an old-timer. I was part of the Apache Group, the original team of Apache httpd developers who later went on to found the Apache Software Foundation, which is likely one of the best known Open Source Foundations in existence. I've been on the board of the ASF since day 1, serving as Sec/EVP, Chairman and President. All directors are elected by the ASF membership. Despite some vague allegations, I am not some FOSS politician; I am a coder, and still am active on numerous FOSS projects, as a simple look on Ohloh would show. Because of my work, I was also elected into the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and the OuterCurve Foundation. I also speak at conferences about FOSS, communities, licensing, etc... I work for Red Hat.

There is much more in the thread, and some discussion on some of the points covered in the letter as well.

My personal take-away is that, despite some strange context to his introduction to the community as an unknown person being appointed to the Hildon Foundation Board and his lack of familiarity with Maemo, Jim is the kind of open source advocate most of us will find ourselves in agreement with and his long experience in the movement will be of great value to the Hildon Foundation as it gets on its feet.

Contributing to MWKN

Editor: Ryan Abel

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