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    • System operator for Maemo infrastructure needed
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    • Cross-platform QML
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    • Migration of forum to new managed server
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    • Hildon Foundation second letter to Jolla

Front Page

System operator for Maemo infrastructure needed

Via: @jaffa2

Editor: Ryan Abel

The migration of from Nokia's stewardship to a community run and financed infrastructure is still underway. The new servers are up and running and most of the services are nearly ready in their new home. Short-term, one of the last major short-term blockers left is in the handover of DNS control from Nokia to the Hildon Foundation (on which there has been no visible movement unfortunately). Long-term, however, is in need of a capable volunteer sysadmin for is slowly but steadily coming into our hands. While this is very good news, it also puts a heavy workload on us, in various ways. One of these areas where we need help is systems administration. Unfortunately none of us in the Community Council and Board of Directors have either the time or (most importantly) the knowledge to supervise the systems operation of

Systems administration is frustrating, involved work that requires a wide range of detailed technical skills and rarely follows a predictable schedule. Any competent individual who steps up to this task will be owed a great deal by this community.


Cross-platform QML

Editor: Andrew Flegg

Alan Alpert - a Qt engineer who's worked at Trolltech, Nokia and now RIM - has posted his thoughts on improving the cross-platform support of QML: Since the number of QML-based platforms just keeps growing, it might be best to improve the ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ story for QML. Currently the story is to write the UI once for each platform because QML makes that incredibly easy and fun, but I think we can improve on that. So I’ve been thinking about what simple features could be added to the language that would help write cross-platform UIs. The goal here is to minimize the porting effort of applications, and as always my exemplar is SameGame. We can all agree that SameGame should work on every QML enabled platform, and it was awesome to see it running on BlackBerry 10 at Dev Days. What was not awesome was how they did it.

In your editor's opinion, something needs to be done here. Even if Ubuntu, Qt Quick, Harmattan and Symbian components had a common API, the "import" statements end up complicating things for developers. Although the overall shell of each application may well be different, core components within the application could be reusable. I've excluded Cascades as it isn't interoperable with non-Cascades QML - a fundamental mistake on the part of RIM, I think.


Migration of forum to new managed server

Via: @jaffa2

Editor: Ryan Abel

The migration of to its new server will be taking place over the weekend just gone. The DNS handover issue with Nokia may complicate matters as the existing entry may still be pointing at an offline server. A workaround hosts entry will be available if the DNS situation is not resolved by the weekend.

In the Wild

Hildon Foundation second letter to Jolla

Via: @jaffa2

At the beginning of the month the Hildon Foundation sent an open letter to Jolla to request financial assistance and official cooperation between and Jolla (see our previous issue for details). The Hildon Foundation has responded: Thank you for your response to our Open Letter. As you can see from the community conversation regarding your response — here, as well as various social media circles — most of our members want more. The Hildon Foundation appreciate the invitation to become “true pioneers,” but in all honesty, the Maemo community has been a true pioneer for many years now as a unique open source initiative combining developers and users with a community repository of applications and platform components.