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    • Non-profit board elections underway, council nominations re-opened
  2. In the Wild
    • The Story of Nokia MeeGo
    • Samsung to merge bada with TIZEN

Front Page

Non-profit board elections underway, council nominations re-opened

Via: @jaffa2

Editor: Ryan Abel

The election for the Hildon Foundation Board opened this past week on Friday (October 12th) and will run through Thursday October 18th 2012, 23:59 UTC. For the board elections: Due to Nokia's state, its funding for in 2013 is uncertain. The community is working on bylaws for a new legal entity (currently with the working title “Hildon Foundation”) that can legally inherit the domain name or have donations (monetary, hardware and/or data) from Nokia, the current providers, and community members, which can be used to continue operation of resources vital to the community. The bylaws are currently in discussion, and will be formalized shortly. The initial Board for the Foundation will be elected parallel to, and with the same election rules and requirements as, those currently established for Council elections. It is expected that the Board elected for this new entity will adopt the community's desired bylaws and be ready to take the reigns as soon as the entity is ready for operation.

The nomination period for the Maemo Community Council has been extended through Sunday October 28th, 23:59 UTC. Voting for council will take place from November 2nd through the 8th.

In the Wild

The Story of Nokia MeeGo

Via: @timsamoff

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

Sampsa Kurri, on the Finnish website Taskumuro, has a detailed article (with an English version linked to here) about the tumultuous history of MeeGo from Nokia's perspective. Starting in 2005 with the OSSO group, continuing with the Maemo devices beloved by many, navigating the merger to become MeeGo, and into the last days following the February 11th announcement, the article is full of the exciting highs and painful lows of the project's seven year journey.

Samsung to merge bada with TIZEN

Via: @timsamoff

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

After being dogged by rumours since the original announcement that Samsung would produce Tizen OS mobile phones, JK Shin at Samsung has confirmed there will be a merger of the Samsung in-house Bada OS and Tizen. The news comes from a conference that saw Samsung provide developer devices with a beta build of Tizen, but it remains to be seen how the merger will be performed.