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    • Proposed by-laws for 'Hildon Foundation'
  2. Applications
    • Breeze allows quick installation of apps whilst browsing on the desktop
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    • Succesful build of stable Thumb2 binaries for Fremantle
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    • Tweetian updated in Nokia Store for N9 and Symbian

Front Page

Proposed by-laws for 'Hildon Foundation'

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Flegg

RM Bauer has posted the latest draft of the proposed constitution of the "Hildon Foundation", the not-for-profit organisation intended to takeover management of and the Maemo community:

The mission of the Foundation is to promote and progress the future availability of maemo derived or inspired open source software, and related toolkits, for mobile pocketable devices. The Maemo operating system and Hildon user interface was originally developed by Nokia Corporation and used in several commercially available devices, including the N900. Most of Maemo and Hildon is currently open source software as defined by the Open Software Foundation and, as such, continues to be improved upon by a volunteer community at Nokia intends to cease its operation of and has indicated a willingness to transfer it to a suitable organization.

The links below cover the original Community Council blog post; the threads on maemo-community and TMO which were automatically created from it; and the previous discussion. At the time of writing, the responses have been limited to the maemo-community mailing list.