Breeze allows quick installation of apps whilst browsing on the desktop

Editor: Andrew Flegg

N9 Apps is one of the best looking application catalogues for Harmattan. A new client, Breeze, makes use of Nokia's push notifications infrastructure to ease the installation process. After installation, and linking your account, an 'Install to phone' button will appear in your browser when you visit This will send a push notification to your phone - without Bluetooth, browser plugins or requiring the same network connection - opening the installer on your phone. The original idea and implementation were made by gri, and I've added some features and changes since then. The app has been almost ready for quite a while, and I've been using it myself for couple of months now. It seems to work quite well most of the time. I'd appreciate if you would try it and report if it works on your phone or not. I'm going to submit it on Ovi Store later on if there isn't too many problems.

Your editor wishes there were more apps which integrated the browser and push notifications, to provide "Send to Phone" functionality for moving snippets of text/HTML, images or URLs to a handheld device.