TizMee 0.1 launched - Tizen, HTML5 and Cordova web apps on MeeGo Harmattan

Via: @Jaffa2

Michael Sheldon has launched TizMee, which is designed to make it possible to run Tizen (and other) apps on MeeGo, supporting general HTML5 apps, apps using Tizen specific APIs and Cordova/PhoneGap apps (with some slight modification).

This first early release should support general HTML5 apps fairly well (although there are still a few that have issues), some aspects of the Tizen API (this is by no means complete however) and pretty much all of the Cordova/PhoneGap API.

It’s based around the Qt Cordova port with Tizen specific functionality implemented as Cordova plugins in a mixture of C and javascript.

Example applications, packaged from these platforms are included. This could provide a valuable source of applications for the N9 and N950 in future.

Video of FireStarter, allows reading Kindle books on N9

Editor: Andrew Flegg

Michael Sheldon has posted a video showing off FireStarter, an application he's written to provide access to Amazon's Cloud Reader on Harmattan: Whilst writing the next version of TizMee, I realised I probably had enough HTML5 support to handle the Amazon Cloud Reader. The Amazon Cloud Reader makes it possible to read Kindle books through an HTML5 supporting web browser. So I started writing a little program, called FireStarter, which implements enough HTML5 to support the Cloud Reader. It also has a number of little user interface tweaks to make it usable on a small device like the N9.

He hopes to have it in the Nokia Store "reasonably soon".