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  1. Front Page
    • 2012 Device Program
    • When the chief editor's away, the interns will play
  2. Development
    • Writing a layout in QML
  3. Community
    • Coding Competition considering changing submission format
  4. Announcements
    • Initial alpha WhatsApp client for N900
    • Mustr sets random pattern backgrounds
    • Google Reader application for Harmattan
    • Unrestricted system-ui allows additional status menu plugins on Harmattan
    • ereswap swap fragmentation

Front Page

2012 Device Program

Editor: Ryan Abel

We mentioned the start of the 2012 Device Program last issue (well, more specifically, the Community Awards portion of the program), but we'd like to remind you both of its existence and its purpose again this week.

Nokia has alloted 100 devices (60 N9s and 40 N950s) for distribution by the community to community contributors. The devices will be distributed based on 4 categories of contribution (25 devices per category): for Coding Competition winners, in a manner to be decided once the format for this year's competition has been hashed out; for Community Awards, which aim to recognize contributions from community members with continuing histories of significant contribution; for community applications being published to the Nokia Store, to encourage the publishing of more community applications to the Nokia Stor; and for Qt 5 application ports, to encourage the porting of Qt 5 applications to Fremantle.

Discussion about the specifics for several of the categories is still ongoing, but submissions are open for the Community Awards (which seeks to recognize past and continuning community contributors) and should be open until June 12th. I'm once again encouraging you to poke your too-humble community contributor neigbors to file a submission if you believe they deserve a Community Award.

When the chief editor's away, the interns will play

Editor: GeneralAntilles

Andrew Flegg, our glorious leader, will be away for this issue and the next taking a well-deserved vacation. The rest of the editorial staff wishes him a safe and relaxing trip, and greatly hopes quality doesn't suffer without him. As that appears to be just me this week Since he's usually does the sourcing of news, any help on that front would be greatly appreciated for the next issue (just tweet your news tips @mwkn). See the link for additional details.