In this edition...

  1. Front Page
    • Delays in getting Maemo Community Council election started
  2. Applications
    • Plonk running on BlackBerry Playbook
    • Update on reverse engineered WhatsApp port to N9
  3. Development
    • Qt Creator 2.5.0 released
    • Why bundling apps which can be installed via Extras is a bad idea for Maemo CSSU
    • Why "shell apps" and HTML5 apps are a bad idea
    • Sending emails in Harmattan with Qt/QML
  4. In the Wild
    • First Tizen Conference gets mixed reviews
    • Nokia N9 removed from Nokia's Finnish website
    • N9 increasingly available direct from US retailers
  5. Announcements
    • Late - real-time public transit info for North America
    • Mobile check-in app for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) now available to download for N9
    • KhtSimpleText editor available for N9
    • client under development for Harmattan
    • USbS - Useful Standby Screen - gives configurable N9 sleep info

Front Page

Delays in getting Maemo Community Council election started

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

An administrative mix-up seems to be to blame for delaying the start of the Maemo Community Council election, which was scheduled to start on May 6. There has been lots of back-and-forth on the forum thread about whose responsibility it was to start the voting process and who should be initiating communication to get it started now. After a bit of a rough start it seems the wheels are moving on the process, thanks in part to the level-headed Quim Gil stepping in. It remains to be seen when the voting will actually begin, but hopefully there will at least be an announcement made soon with an updated timeframe.