Plonk running on BlackBerry Playbook

Via: @timsamoff

Editor: Andrew Flegg

Cornelius Hald has got the air hockey game he started producing at last year's MeeGo Conference (with Tim Samoff, Thomas Perl and Arek Stopczynski) running on a BlackBerry Playbook - the latest OS of which can run Qt applications.

Update on reverse engineered WhatsApp port to N9

Editor: Andrew Flegg

WhatsApp is a popular closed source, proprietary, privacy munching, asynchronous instant messaging app which, instead of maintaining a separate roster of contacts goes off the phone numbers already in your address book. Wazapp is Tarek Galal's reverse engineered version for Harmattan.

Originally intended to be released on May 1st, the deadline was missed - to much moaning on TMO. Arie Mark at has got hold of a beta version and posted screenshots, and a new thread on TMO has been created by "patlak" to gather feedback: I am hoping this thread will stay developer friendly so that Tgalal will be able to read through and find any helpful info in an instant. Continuing with kindergarten level of misbehavior and whining will result in the closing of yet another thread and further postponing of this desired app.

Your editor is aware this app is wanted, but really can't see the advantage compared with the asynchronous, standardised, usually bundled (at least in Europe), SMS.