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  1. Front Page
    • How will introduce itself in 6 months?
  2. Development
    • Cocos2D port for Qt for Harmattan and Symbian
    • Fremantle on OBS status update
  3. Community
    • Rob Bauer (SD69) running in Maemo Community Council election
    • Help improve Packages interface
    • Proposal to rearrange TMO to provide common home to Maemo, MeeGo, Mer, NITDroid
  4. Devices
    • Slideout Bluetooth keyboard turns N9 into N955
  5. Announcements
    • Work-in-progress: Ubuntu One client for Nokia N9
    • gPodder 3.1.1 for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

Front Page

How will introduce itself in 6 months?

Editor: Andrew Flegg

A chance encounter with Henri Bergius and Michael Hasselmann in California led Quim Gil to share a few beers with them. Part of the conversation involved their shared experiences with Maemo and Quim reports that Henri had a very good point: [top-level] pages like Intro or Development have been unchanged for years and now they don't reflect anymore the community that exists here.

Updating these pages would require to think what is this website and this community today, and what does it want to become. It sounded like a good task to be driven by a newly elected Council. Six months is a decent period for discussion, planning and implementation considering that we are talking basically about editing plain web pages.

In our discussion we agreed that is still strong in the mobile user aspect. It is a community continuously active since 2005, open to discuss, experiment and collaborate on Maemo but also on related mobile topics where "related" can have a flexible definition.

Quim had to clarify he was asking this as a member of the community, rather than in any official capacity from Nokia. Separating Quim as an active and independent member of the community from his official role at Nokia is something that many people seem to have difficulty with. However, it would be a shame if such opinions prevented Quim from sharing his thoughts.


Cocos2D port for Qt for Harmattan and Symbian

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

A Qt port of Cocos2D is available for Harmattan and Symbian. Cocos2D is : an open-source mobile 2D game framework, released under ​MIT License. It is a C++ version of cocos2d-iphone project. The framework has been implemented for multiple platforms and this project aims to implement a feature-complete version for Qt supporting Symbian devices and Nokia N9. There is quite a bit of documentation on Cocos2D (which includes Box2D as an engine) along with samples and ported games.

Fremantle on OBS status update

Via: @Jaffa2

Niels Breet has shared a status update on the task to move the Extras Autobuilder on to OBS infrastructure: I've imported the Fremantle PR1.3 SDK into the OBS and also imported all packages from fremantle Extras into the Extras:Testing13 project. There is currently a problem with the scheduler for armel packages, I need to find out why builds aren't dispatched. At the moment the i586 packages are still building, but the results look quite promising already. Building for i586 should finish somewhere tomorrow.


Rob Bauer (SD69) running in Maemo Community Council election

Via: @Jaffa2

Finally accepting his nomination close to the deadline (and after last week's issue was finished). Rob has been a member of the last two councils. Whilst they've been relatively introverted, Rob's been their public face. Rob's terse acceptance resulted in a field of seven candidates for the five person council. Election tokens should be sent out shortly.

Help improve Packages interface

Via: @Jaffa2

{edit:Estel} has pointed to a bug report following on from a package naming clash in Extras-devel recently. Niels Breet, responding to the bug said, I agree that the check should be fatal instead of just a warning. It would be good if someone can help out with adding that feature to buildme. We can clean up packages one by one, but this won't make other packages rebuild. This is why it would be very nice to have everything in OBS :)

Proposal to rearrange TMO to provide common home to Maemo, MeeGo, Mer, NITDroid

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

Iván Gálvez Junquera has proposed a rearrangment of the forums in, which would combine some existing categories and create some new ones. The proposal looks like this: 1. In section OS / Platform add Mer / Nemo / Plasma Active section, and move relevant threads to there. Try to coordinate with people at these projects and encourage them to participate here.

2. Archive section OS2006 / Maemo 2 / Mistral - Scirocco - Gregale


Slideout Bluetooth keyboard turns N9 into N955

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

Halit Bal shares instructions and photographs on the construction of a sliding bluetooth keyboard for the Nokia N9. So there I was, thinking how to get my hands on the N950 some time ago... but then I thought: How will other people will get the N950? Everyone should be able to get the N950...! All this thinking have made me do something about this problem. A little "case-mod" can do miracles. The process is well documented but somewhat complex. The results look to be quite good, although the author notes there is no control key binding at present.


Work-in-progress: Ubuntu One client for Nokia N9

Via: @Jaffa2

Stuart Langridge, a Canoncial employee acting in his spare time, has released the first version of a client for Canonical's cloud service, Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service from Canonical, lets you store files and music and photos and whatever and have them available on all your devices; laptops, smartphones, desktops, the web, everywhere. We already have smartphone applications for Android and iOS, but not for the N9, which is the phone I've got. So, I'm working on bringing Ubuntu One to the N9. The first application available is Ubuntu One Files: browse and download anything in your personal cloud to your N9.

Stuart plans to get the app into the Nokia Store, but the binary deb and source code is available from his website.

gPodder 3.1.1 for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

Via: @Jaffa2

Thomas Perl announced the latest version of gPodder - his podcast client - for the N9 and N950: The most visible on (apart from bugfixes) is the new multi-episode selection sheet, which allows users to select multiple episodes at once to either download, playback or delete. Options for "Select all", "Select downloaded", "Select none" and "Invert selection" are provided by the longpress context menu in that list and will modify the selection accordingly.

And yes (as some people are still surprised to learn that): With gPodder, you can also subscribe to YouTube and Vimeo channels (users) and download the videos to your device for easy offline viewing and archiving. Combined with the N9 Media Pushing plug-in by Georg Jens, you can then even play back your YouTube or Vimeo videos on DLNA devices on your home network. Of course, this also works for the RSS "video podcasts" that gPodder also supports in addition to YouTube and Vimeo.