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  1. Front Page
    • A Technical Steering Group for Maemo 5 CSSU?
  2. Applications
    • QNeptunea Twitter client updated for Harmattan
    • Derivation calculator for N900
    • Nemo's new file manager
    • Puzzle Master now available for N9 too
  3. Development
    • Things to be aware of when preparing updates for Harmattan apps in Nokia Store
  4. Community
    • Supertesters - make & accept nominations
  5. In the Wild
    • Linux graphics system Wayland sees first real release
  6. Announcements
    • gPodder updates for N900 and N8x0

Front Page

A Technical Steering Group for Maemo 5 CSSU?

Via: @Jaffa2

RM Bauer, one of your Maemo Community Council repressentatives, is pitching a proposal to form a Technical Steering Group for the Freemantle Community SSU: I propose a TSG (Technical Steering Group) for CSSU - 3 community members meritocratically selected from within the project who will oversee initial decision making over such things as project management, release dates, features, architecture and roadmap. To the extent it means anything, Council can delegate some of its authority so that the TSG can hopefully address related administrative tasks directly and more quickly without Council intervening on its behalf.

Discussion seems to have gone quiet, which is disappointing for something so important.