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    • Qt Innovation Challenge winners announced
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    • LPMCustomizer in Store for N9
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Front Page

Qt Innovation Challenge winners announced

Winners of the most popular N9 apps have walked away with $10,000 and, in the case of PhoneTorch, $50,000 as part of Nokia's "Qt Innovation Challenge". Participants were invited to enter the competition with: We are looking for new and innovative content for use on this high-end, Qt-powered smartphone, and in particular we are looking for apps that match the sophisticated style and capabilities of the Nokia N9. This can include apps for entertainment, luxury and fashion, technology, travel and sport – to name a few. At the same time, maybe you will submit an app that makes innovative use of the front-facing camera on the Nokia N9, or takes advantage of features like NFC that are built-in to the phone.

Not wanting to begrude the winners but the competition failed in its aim: to make innovative, mainstream apps for the Qt platform and Nokia N9. The judging was done on number of downloads, rather than any subjective view of "innovativeness". Your editor didn't enter the competition as his in-train apps didn't meet his own definition of "innovation". However, very few of the winners do either.

This is the biggest problem with Harmattan: not the lack of apps (there are plenty), but the lack of innovative, distinctive apps which make you go "oooh".


Qt SDK 1.2 released

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

Good news for developers: a new version of the excellent Qt SDK has been released. Besides the new version of Qt Creator, Qt 4.8 for dekstops, and other various updates there are some Harmattan-related changes: This time around the most visible changes are outside the Harmattan target. The installer now works without additional trickery on Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot. Qt Creator is updated to updated to version 2.4.1. Within the target, the QML debugging works again on the Harmattan 1.2 release (available only to N950 owners right now). There are also Qt Mobility examples for the N9. The Harmattan target release notes list all the improvements (such at Qt Quick Components now being usable in the simulator) and the known issues.


LPMCustomizer in Store for N9

Nick Leppänen Larsson has released the next version of his logo chooser for the N9's "standby" screen. This version lets you specify your own short text to use as the logo (along with one of four pre-defined icons). Your editor prefers Nick's app to the others which have come up on the store as Nick was the first to identify the gconf keys which allowed it to be customised.

Fremantle stack for Mer

Tomasz Sterna has dusted off some old packages, sent them to OBS and produced an almost vanilla Fremantle stack, with MAEMO_CHANGES patched GLib and GTK+. Only hildon-desktop has some patches ported from the evolution branch, to make it compile in the lack of MCE presence.