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    • Harmattan PR1.2 beta now available for N950
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    • Version numbering of Harmattan explained
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    • Nokia N9 "may have sold 1.4m units last quarter"
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    • Nokia N9 up for People's Choice Award at Interaction Awards for its swipe UI
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    • Widget system UI framework for N9 Harmattan
    • lpsmagic - system information on N9's standby screen

Front Page

Harmattan PR1.2 beta now available for N950

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

A beta release of the Harmattan 1.2 firmware has been released as a one-click flasher (OCF) for the N950 containing many bug fixes and some new features. Nokia's N9 Developer blog provides more details: Harmattan 1.2 comes with a number of user experience improvements making it appealing for consumers. Five new supported languages, face recognition, enhanced copy-paste, software update notifications for applications and games in Nokia Store, folders in application view just to name a few.

We have listed the most significant bug fixes in release notes and marked the fixed items in bugzilla. We excluded a long list of fixes e.g. on localization / terminology. Also, we put together information about known issues, limitations and differences between Nokia N950 developer Device and Nokia N9 for your convenience in the Release Notes. Suggest you read it carefully.

It should be noted that you cannot downgrade from 1.2 to 1.1 after install, and the default OCF installation wipes out all user data (music, photos, applications, etc). The actual new features and fixes are too numerous to list here, but the new font metrics will be of interest to most developers, and your editor's personal favourite is the colour schemes available in QML now.