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  1. Front Page
    • Harmattan PR1.2 beta now available for N950
  2. Development
    • Version numbering of Harmattan explained
  3. Devices
    • Nokia N9 "may have sold 1.4m units last quarter"
  4. In the Wild
    • Nokia N9 up for People's Choice Award at Interaction Awards for its swipe UI
  5. Announcements
    • Widget system UI framework for N9 Harmattan
    • lpsmagic - system information on N9's standby screen

Front Page

Harmattan PR1.2 beta now available for N950

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

A beta release of the Harmattan 1.2 firmware has been released as a one-click flasher (OCF) for the N950 containing many bug fixes and some new features. Nokia's N9 Developer blog provides more details: Harmattan 1.2 comes with a number of user experience improvements making it appealing for consumers. Five new supported languages, face recognition, enhanced copy-paste, software update notifications for applications and games in Nokia Store, folders in application view just to name a few.

We have listed the most significant bug fixes in release notes and marked the fixed items in bugzilla. We excluded a long list of fixes e.g. on localization / terminology. Also, we put together information about known issues, limitations and differences between Nokia N950 developer Device and Nokia N9 for your convenience in the Release Notes. Suggest you read it carefully.

It should be noted that you cannot downgrade from 1.2 to 1.1 after install, and the default OCF installation wipes out all user data (music, photos, applications, etc). The actual new features and fixes are too numerous to list here, but the new font metrics will be of interest to most developers, and your editor's personal favourite is the colour schemes available in QML now.


Version numbering of Harmattan explained

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Flegg

Nokia's N9 developer blog explains the XX.YYYY.WW... version format used for Harmattan version numbers, which should be familiar to Maemo developers: A typical version number is formatted as XX.YYYY.WW-#_PR_VVV where XX is the GSM Software Version Number (SVN), YYYY build year, WW build week, # release candidate serial number on that week, and VVV variant configuration code.For Nokia N9 the SVN number 10 stands for Harmattan 1.0, 20 for Harmattan 1.1, 22 for Harmattan 1.1.1 (Arabic) and 30 for Harmattan 1.2. For Nokia N950 Developer Device the first SVN number 1 stands for Harmattan 1.0, number 2 stands for Harmattan 1.1 and 3 stands for Harmattan 1.2 beta. This should be only of interest to developers, functionality should be tested for if a specific capability is required, not the version number.


Nokia N9 "may have sold 1.4m units last quarter"

Via: @mece66

A number of sources have cited analysts estimating that the N9 sold over 1,400,000 units between October and December 2011: Nokia’s fourth-quarter results will also include the N9, a Lumia 800 lookalike running Nokia smartphone software called MeeGo, which began shipping in September at prices from 480 euros. The N9 may have sold 1.4 million units last quarter, Pareto Oehman analyst Helena Nordman-Knutson said.

In the Wild

Nokia N9 up for People's Choice Award at Interaction Awards for its swipe UI

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Olmsted

In the Google-sponsored Interaction Awards the Nokia N9 - Swipe UI is one of the projects selected for the People's Choice Award. We are very excited to celebrate the winners of the 2012 Interaction Awards, but there’s one award-winning project left to choose, and we need your help! The Interaction Awards’ People’s Choice voting is now open in an online gallery [...] Visit the gallery now, review the entries, and cast your votes today. Then spread the word and promote your favorite projects before voting closes on February 3rd at 12pm GMT. It is interesting to note that Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) is a finalist in the "Connecting" category but Swipe UI failed to make the cut.


Widget system UI framework for N9 Harmattan

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Flegg

MeeGo forum user "sfietkonstantin" has announced a widget framework for Harmattan. The framework runs as an app, and so appears in the multi-tasking dashboard, and is designed to accomodate any widget user interface (such as Maemo 5, Android, ...). He says, it is currently work in progress, source will be released in ~ 1 week if I have time. Even if I love the N950's UI with it's 3 pages, I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of widgets. So I decided to implement (yet another) widget system. The widget system tries to be universal, and tries to be able to mimic any widgets interface. Currently, it mimics Maemo 5 widgets but at the end it will be able to mimic HTC sense, Samsung TouchWiz ... Anything you want ... The only drawback is that it is just an app. Currently distributed without source, and as a binary, hopefully open sourcing it will increase confidence and get more contributors.

lpsmagic - system information on N9's standby screen

Via: @Jaffa2

Radu Andries has announced an app to put system information (such as load & uptime) on the standby screen, instead of the "operator logo" space: On your standby screen, which was kind of empty until now, the following things will be shown below the clock: current date; uptime of the device; amount of used RAM; system load (1, 5, 15 minutes); battery state; amount of used space on user data partition. The work is done in a Python script, allowing interested developers to see how the functionality is achieved.