Spam comments on the wiki

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Ryan Abel

The wiki on has been increasingly bombarded by spambots over the past few months. Andre Klapper has started a discussion on increasing the level of protection: Looking at you can see that spam comments are added rather often nowadays, both by registered accounts but mostly by anonymous edits. [...] I wonder if those changes happen automatically (not really sure) and if some better protection should be introduced (and if it would help), such as CAPTCHAs. This has been discussed before, see for some context. It's probably not the biggest issue, but annoying for those that spend time trying to keep the wiki clean of vandalism. According to comments on the list, the math captcha plugin in use on has been cracked. A real fix will likely require a new captcha plugin and more active moderation of the wiki. In the meantime readers (especially those with administrative privileges on the wiki) can help by making a quick check of the recent edits and rolling back spam changes.