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  1. Front Page
    • Qt Mobility 1.2 packages for Qt Maemo apps
  2. Applications
    • VoiceToGoog - Google-backed speech recognition for Nokia N9
    • Promoting Woodchuck apps to Maemo Extras
    • Capture screencasts directly from N9 and N950 screen
    • eBuddy demoed on the Nokia N9
  3. Development
    • tablet-browser-view-test source now available, for embedding Maemo 5 browser in apps
    • Open source Maemo 5 browserd
    • Testing IPv6 networks with Nokia N9
  4. In the Wild
    • Nokia N9 runaway sales success in October for Finland's biggest operator
  5. Announcements
    • Football Live Scores for N9
    • ProfileMatic - automatic N9 profile changing
    • Open Video Player (same codecs, new UI) for N9 and N950
    • SportsTracker now available, for free, for Nokia N9

Front Page

Qt Mobility 1.2 packages for Qt Maemo apps

Via: @Jaffa2

Editor: Andrew Flegg

Attila Csipa, a former member of the Maemo Community Council, and currently in the employ of Nokia Developer has started updating the Qt Mobility packages in Maemo Extras. He's taken a completely differently packaged libqtm-12 as the previous one, so I fully expect some breakage. On the flip side, the way I'm doing things should make it possible for applications depending on it not to trip over each other and avoid promotion deadlocks. This release will also be the migration path for apps depending on libqtm-11, which I will kill with fire in the not so distant future as it crossed the point of no return unmaintainability-wise (is that a word?).

Your editor recently tried to publish a QML application, which used Qt Mobility, but it refused to work on a freshly installed PR1.3 on his N900. Unfortunately, v1.1 was broken in Extras and v1.2 was an experimental version which had not been intended to be published as far as it did. Hopefully, Attila's efforts will soon bear fruit, as having these libraries up to date makes it easier for application developers targetting the N9 to also publish their app for the N900.