In this edition...

  1. Front Page
    • Upcoming vote for Maemo Community Council and referendum on the future of
  2. Applications
    • Preview of MeeCast (from the people who brought you OMWeather) for Harmattan
    • gPodder 2.18 in Extras-testing needs votes; and problems with package promotion?
  3. Development
    • Shared Harmattan repo for developer libraries
    • Requirement for Ovi: single instance Harmattan apps
  4. Community
    • Future of "The end is coming"
    • Future of A "modest proposal for a direction for activities"
    • Future of Are the options for the Maemo community really limited to not-for-profit or death?
    • ...and 3 more
  5. Devices
    • Unlocked, SIM-free Nokia N9 in UK - soon for £520 for 16GB (ouch)
    • Progress in getting CrystalHD video acceleration on ExoPC
  6. In the Wild
    • HP stop producing webOS devices. Exploring options to "optimize value" of webOS
  7. Announcements
    • Jeremiah Foster running for Maemo Community Council
    • Scrobbler for Maemo; on N900, N9 and N950
    • Sandora falling sand game for Harmattan, available from COBS
    • ...and 3 more

Front Page

Upcoming vote for Maemo Community Council and referendum on the future of

One of the bigger long-term issues resulting from the Elopocalypse in February is the status of and its funding through next year. RM Bauer is looking to have a conclusion to these issues with a referendum as part of the election of the next Community Council: Community members should be considering whether they want to stand for Council. Anyone who has karma of over 100 is eligible to stand, including employees and sub-contractors of Nokia. When nominations open, you can nominate someone via an email to maemo-community (which they must reply to to accept) or you can put your own hat into the ring by emailing the same list. A further announcement will be made when nominations open, with more information.

A number of corrections have been pointed out to Rob, following his initial post. Nokia have not said they will not fund the servers past 2012, nor will the referendum be "binding" to the Council. Articles dealing with the debate will be part of our "future of" series - if we miss something, please let us know.