In this edition...

  1. Front Page
    • Forum <-> Email integration for
  2. Applications
    • Treemaker game ported from Symbian for Harmattan
    • JanKenPon game pre-release available for Harmattan testing
    • Non-official build of Fennec for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
    • Space Invaders for Harmattan
    • Aerofy streaming media client for Harmattan: coming soon
  3. Development
    • Wanting to contribute a fix to Picasa sharing service - but where are the sources?
    • Box2D and Box2D-QML for Harmattan
    • Porting Fremantle applications to Harmattan
    • ...and 4 more
  4. Community
    • Harmattan IRC channel on FreeNode: #harmattan
    • What is a community device champion?
  5. Devices
    • Relaxing Harmattan security restrictions on unsigned executables
  6. In the Wild
    • Nokia N9 ad series: quick, simple, slick
  7. Announcements
    • Icon pack to get Harmattan look on N900
    • Screenshot app for Harmattan

Front Page

Forum <-> Email integration for

One of the original requirements for the software powering was that it allowed offline participation, preferably through people's normal email clients. Reggie Suplido, who manages, suggested that vBulletin allowed this; but activation of the feature was delayed because of the potential load on the server.

With the MeeGo IT team now managing the upgraded servers, the discussion about enabling the feature has moved on. After a few prods from Andrew Flegg and David Greaves, Reggie has started a thread on how it would work, and the potential limitations: I'm starting this thread to discuss the Forum <-> Email Integration that has been planned for quite some time now. This was recently brought up on the July 12, 2011 Community Office Meeting (starting at the 14:49:47 mark). This might be the best time to discuss if we really want these features, what really needs to be implemented, propose features, and help with the coding and testing.

The IT team took this weekend's maintenance window to create the necessary aliases, so hopefully we'll see a trialling of the feature shortly.